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 5:1  5:2
4:49 They were thus counted by Moses at God's bidding, each individual according to his service, what he would carry, and his appointed task, as God had commanded Moses.
Al-pi Adonay pakad otam beyad-Moshe ish ish al-avodato ve'al-masa'o ufkudav asher-tsivah Adonay et-Moshe.
5:1 Third Reading
God spoke to Moses, saying:
Vayedaber Adonay el-Moshe lemor.
5:2 Instruct the Israelites to send out of the camp everyone who has a leprous mark or a male discharge, and all who are ritually defiled by the dead.
Tsav et-beney Yisra'el vishalchu min-hamachaneh kol-tsarua vechol-zav vechol tame lanafesh.


God spoke to Moses...
  This occurred on the first of Nissan, the day the Tabernacle was erected; see Exodus 40:17 (Gittin 60a,b). According to some, this is true of everything in this section up to the Priestly Blessings (see Numbers 6:22). Thus, the narrative now goes back one month to the first of Nissan.

leprous mark
  See Leviticus 13:1-46.

male discharge
  See Leviticus 15:1-15.

defiled by the dead
  (Targum; Rashi; Septuagint). Literally, 'unclean for a soul.' See Numbers 19:14,16.

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