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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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10:33 [The Israelites] marched [the distance of] a three day journey from God's mountain. The Ark of God's covenant traveled three days ahead of them in order to find them a place to settle.
Vayis'u mehar Adonay derech shloshet yamim va'aron brit-Adonay nosea lifneyhem derech shloshet yamim latur lahem menuchah.
10:34 When they began traveling from the camp by day, God's cloud remained over them.
Va'anan Adonay aleyhem yomam benose'am min-hamachaneh.


three day journey
  100 miles, to Paran as in Numbers 10:12 (Ramban; Ibn Ezra).

Ark of God's covenant
  Some say that there were two arks, and this was the one containing the broken tablets (Sifri; Rashi).

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