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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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11:20 But for a full month [you will eat it] until it is coming out of your nose and making you nauseated. This is because you rejected God [now that He] is among you, and you whined before Him, 'Why did we ever leave Egypt?' '
Ad chodesh yamim ad asher-yetse me'apchem vehayah lachem lezara ya'an ki-me'astem et-Adonay asher bekirbechem vativku lefanav lemor lamah zeh yatsanu miMitsrayim.
11:21 Moses said, 'Here I am among 600,000 men on foot [alone], and You are saying that You will give them enough meat to eat for a full month!
Vayomer Moshe shesh-me'ot elef ragli ha'am asher anochi bekirbo ve'atah amarta basar eten lahem ve'achlu chodesh yamim.


on foot
  See Exodus 12:37.

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