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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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11:26 Two men remained in the camp, and the spirit [also] rested on them. The name of one was Eldad, and the name of the second was Medad. Although they were among those registered, they did not go out to the [Communion] Tent, but they spoke prophetically in the camp.
Vayisha'aru shney-anashim bamachaneh shem ha'echad Eldad veshem hasheni Meydad vatanach alehem haruach vehemah baktuvim velo yats'u ha'ohelah vayitnabe'u bamachaneh.


  Some say that they were the sons of Eltzafan son of Parnach (Numbers 34:25), born to Yocheved while she was divorced from Amram, and hence, half-brothers to Moses (Targum Yonathan). Others say that Eldad was Elidad son of Chislon of Benjamin (Numbers 34:21) and that Medad was Kemuel son of Shiftan of Ephraim (Numbers 34:24) (BeMidbar Rabbah 15:19).

  There were six from each of the twelve tribes, making a total of 72, and these two were then excluded by lot (Sifri; Rashi).

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