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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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11:33 The meat was still between their teeth when [the people] began to die. God's anger was displayed against the people, and He struck them with an extremely severe plague.
Habasar odenu beyn shineyhem terem yikaret ve'af Adonay charah va'am vayach Adonay ba'am makah rabah me'od.
11:34 [Moses] named the place 'Graves of Craving' (Kivroth HaTaavah), since it was in that place where they buried the people who had these cravings.
Vayikra et-shem hamakom hahu Kivrot haTa'avah ki-sham kaveru et-ha'am hamit'avim.


between their teeth
  It is from here that we learn that meat retains its status even when it is between the teeth, and that therefore one must wait six hours between meat and dairy (Chullin 105a). According to others, they were still eating the meat during the designated month (Sforno).

began to die
  (Rashi). Literally, 'were (or was) cut off.' Or, 'before it was used up' (Sforno; cf. Targum; Septuagint); or, 'and was not yet digested' (Sifethey Chakhamim); 'was not yet totally eaten' (Gur Aryeh); 'was not yet chewed' (Hirsch), or, 'before they swallowed it' (Saadia).

  (Ibn Ezra)

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