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Numbers Korach
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17:11 Moses then said to Aaron, 'Take the fire pan and place on it some fire from the altar. Offer incense and go quickly to the community to make atonement for them. Divine wrath is coming forth from God. The plague has already begun!'
Vayomer Moshe el-Aharon kach et-hamachtah veten-aleyha esh me'al hamizbe'ach vesim ktoret veholech meherah el-ha'edah vechaper aleyhem ki-yatsa haketsef milifney Adonay hechel hanagef.
17:12 Aaron took [the pans] as Moses had told him, and he ran to the middle of the assembled masses, where the plague had already begun to kill people. He offered the incense to atone for the people.
Vayikach Aharon ka'asher diber Moshe vayarots el-toch hakahal vehineh hechel hanegef ba'am vayiten et-haktoret vayechaper al-ha'am.

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