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Numbers Korach
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 17:16  17:17
17:17 speak to the Israelites and take a staff from each paternal tribe. 'Twelve staffs shall thus be taken from all the leaders, [one] for [each] of their paternal tribes. Let each man write his name on his staff.
Daber el-beney Yisra'el vekach me'itam mateh mateh leveyt av me'et kol-nesi'eyhem leveyt avotam shneym asar matot ish et-shmo tichtov al-matehu.
17:18 Since there shall be only one staff for the head of each paternal tribe, write Aaron's name on Levi's staff.
Ve'et shem Aharon tichtov al-mateh Levi ki mateh echad lerosh beyt avotam.


Let each man write his name
  Or, 'let each [tribe] write its name' (Josephus, Antiquities 4:4:2).

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