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  Vezot HaBerachah
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1:15 I selected wise and well known men from among your tribal leaders, and appointed them as your leaders - captains of thousands, captains of hundreds, captains of fifties, captains of tens, and police for your tribes.
Va'ekach et-rashey shivteychem anashim chachamim vidu'im va'eten otam rashim aleychem sarey alafim vesarey me'ot vesarey chamishim vesarey asarot veshotrim leshivteychem.
1:16 I then gave your judges instructions, saying, 'Listen [to every dispute] among your brethren, and judge honestly between each man and his brother, [even] where a proselyte [is concerned].
Va'atsaveh et-shofteychem ba'et hahi lemor shamoa beyn-acheychem ushfatetem tsedek beyn-ish uveyn-achiv uveyn gero.


captains of thousands...
  Some say that the captains of thousands and hundreds were primarily military leaders (cf. Numbers 31:14), while the captains of fifties were primarily Torah teachers and elders (cf. Isaiah 3:3; Adereth Eliahu; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah).

and police
  Or, 'who are police' (Ibid.). See Deuteronomy 16:18.

  (Targum; Yevamoth 46b, 47a; Septuagint). Or, 'resident alien' (Saadia), 'impressive speaker' (Sifri; Rashi), or, 'common property' (Sanhedrin 7b; Rashi).

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