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2:4 Give the people the following instructions:

'You are passing by the borders of your brothers, the descendants of Esau, who live in Seir. Although they fear you, be very careful
Ve'et-ha'am tsav lemor atem overim bigvul acheychem beney-Esav hayoshvim beSe'ir veyir'u mikem venishmartem me'od.

2:5 not to provoke them. I will not give you even one foot of their land, since I have given Mount Seir as Esau's inheritance.
Al-titgaru vam ki lo-eten lachem me'artsam ad midrach kaf-ragel ki-yerushah le-Esav natati et-har Se'ir.
2:6 'You may purchase from them with money food to eat and drinking water.
Ochel tishberu me'itam bakesef va'achaltem vegam-mayim tichru me'itam bakesef ushtitem.


  See Genesis 36:8. This is the encounter with Edom, in Numbers 20:14-21.

You may purchase
  Or, 'Do you then have to purchase' (Ramban).

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