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19:35 That night, they again made their father drunk with wine. The younger girl got up and she slept with him. He was not aware that she had lain down or gotten up.
Vatashkeynah gam balaylah hahu et-avihen yayin vatakom hatse'irah vatishkav imo velo-yada beshichvah uvekumah.
19:36 Lot's two daughters became pregnant from their father.
Vatahareynah shtey venot-Lot me-avihen.
19:37 The older girl had a son, and she named him Moab. He is the ancestor of [the nation] Moab that exists today.
Vateled habechirah ben vatikra shmo Mo'av hu avi-Mo'av ad-hayom.


  Moav in Hebrew. A form of me-av, meaning 'from a father'. The nation of Moab lived to the southeast of the Dead Sea, probably not far from where Moab was born. Significantly, Ruth came from Moab, and she was the ancestress of King David, and hence, of the Messiah.

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