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6:3 Listen, Israel, and be careful to do [it]. Things will then go well for you and you will increase very much [in] the land flowing with milk and honey, just as God, Lord of your fathers, promised you.
Veshamata Yisra'el veshamarta la'asot asher yitav lecha va'asher tirbun me'od ka'asher diber Adonay Elohey avoteycha lach erets zavat chalav udevash.
6:4 Sixth Reading
Listen, Israel, God is our Lord, God is One.
Shma Yisra'el Adonay Eloheynu Adonay Echad.


  (Or, '.... and you will increase very much, since God... promised you a land flowing with milk and honey' (Ramban).

  Sh'ma in Hebrew, and hence the name of this reading that is said twice each day. Also known as Keriath Sh'ma. Since the Sh'ma is in the tefillin, which were mandated much earlier (Exodus 13:9, 16), it seems probable that the Sh'ma was given immediately after the Exodus or after the Ten Commandments. Alternatively, until this point, the parchment containing the Sh'ma did not have to be put into the tefillin. See Deuteronomy 6:8. Also see note on Deuteronomy 7:12.

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