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10:5 and I turned around and went down from the mountain. I placed the tablets in the ark I made, and they remained there as God had commanded.
Va'efen va'ered min-hahar va'asim et-haluchot ba'aron asher asiti vayiheyu sham ka'asher tsivani Adonay.
10:6 [Later], after the Israelites had left the wells of Beney Yaakan [and] Moserah, Aaron died and was buried there, so that Eleazar his son became priest in his stead.
Uveney Yisra'el nase'u mib'erot bney-Ya'akan Moserah sham met Aharon vayikaver sham vayechahen El'azar beno tachtav.


  (Rashbam; cf. Saadia). Moses was stressing that Aaron had survived forty years because of his prayer (Ibn Ezra).

wells of Beney Yaakan
  Some say that this is identical with Beney Yaakan in Numbers 33:31 (Yerushalmi, Yoma 1:1, 2a; Ralbag). In Numbers, however, we see that the Israelites traveled from Moserah to Beney Yaakan. Therefore, some say that after Aaron's death they turned back and went as far as Beney Yaakan to Moserah (Yerushalmi loc. cit.). Others say that while Beney Yaakan (sons of Yaakan) lived to the north of Moserah, the wells of Beney Yaakan were to the south of Moserah (Ramban). According to others, 'Wells of Beney Yaakan' is in no way related to Beney Yaakan (Ibn Ezra; Baaley Tosafoth).

  (Ralbag). Others have, 'had left the wells of Beney Yaakan toward Moserah'; see above note, 'wells of Beney Yaakan'. Since Aaron died on Mount Hor, which was several stages later (Numbers 20:22, 33:38), we would then have to say that 'Wells of Beney Yaakan' is distinct from Beney Yaakan, or that the Israelites had turned back. According to the translation followed here, however, there is no contradiction.

Aaron died
  See Numbers 20:22, 33:38.

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