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Deuteronomy Vezot HaBerachah
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  Vezot HaBerachah
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Vezot HaBerachah

33:19 They shall summon nations to the mountain, and there they shall offer righteous sacrifice. They will be nourished by the bounty of the sea, and by what is hidden in the secret treasures of the sands.
Amim har-yikra'u sham yizbechu zivchey-tsedek ki shefa yamim yinaku usfuney tmuney chol.
33:20 To Gad he said: Blessed is the one who helps Gad expand. He dwells at peace like a dread lion, tearing as prey the arm and head.
Ule-Gad amar baruch marchiv Gad kelavi shachen vetaraf zroa af-kodkod.


  Kara in Hebrew. Or, 'assemble' (Saadia; Rashi).

to the mountain
  (Sifri; Sforno; cf. Targum). Or, 'Nations shall assemble at your mountain' (Targum Yonathan; Saadia); 'Nations shall call that place a mountain (temple)' (Ralbag); or, 'They shall utterly destroy the nations and shall call men there' (Septuagint; translating har the same as haras, 'destroy').

and by what is...
  Or, 'and have enough to hide ...' (Ibn Ezra; Bachya).

  (Ibn Ezra; Radak, Sherashim; Hirsch). Safan in Hebrew, related to tzafan. Or, 'covered' (Ibn Janach). Or, 'stored up' (Saadia), 'markets' (Septuagint), 'shipwrecked boats' (Chizzkuni; Paaneach Razah), from sefinah, a ship.

  Or, 'and' (Sifri; Megillah 7a). Hence, 'and by what is hidden in the secret treasures of the sands' (Radak, Sherashim; Hirsch), 'what is hidden and the secret treasures ...' (Sifri; Megillah 7a); 'they will assemble treasuries of what is hidden in the sand' (Saadia); 'They will have to hide their wealth [and] conceal it in the sand' (Ibn Ezra), 'and from the shipwrecked boats hidden in the sand (Chizzkuni); or, 'and from the markets of those who dwell by the sea coast' (Septuagint).

the one
  (Paaneach Razah). Or, 'Blessed is [God] who ... (Hirsch).

dread lion
  Labhi in Hebrew. See Genesis 49:9.

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