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Genesis Chayey Sarah
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  Chayey Sarah
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Chayey Sarah

24:61 Rebecca set off with her girls, and they rode on the camels, following the stranger. The servant thus took Rebecca and left.
Vatakom Rivkah vena'aroteyha vatirkavnah al-hagemalim vatelachnah acharey ha'ish vayikach ha'eved et-Rivkah vayelach.
24:62 Isaac was on his way, coming from Beer LaChai Roi. He was then living in the Negev area.
VeYitschak ba mibo Be'er Lachay Ro'i vehu yoshev be'erets haNegev.


on his way, coming...
  Literally, 'came from coming.' Others translate it, 'Isaac was coming from his usual journeys to...' (Targum; Ramban; Rashbam; Radak).

Beer LaChai Roi
  See Genesis 16:14. Isaac later lived there (Genesis 25:11). Some say that he prayed there because this was where an angel had been seen (Ramban). Others maintain that he had gone to visit Hagar (Bereshith Rabbah 60; Rashi).

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