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Chayey Sarah

25:18 [His descendants] lived in the area from Havilah to Shur (which borders on Egypt), all the way to Assyria. They overran all their brethren.
Vayishkenu meChavilah ad-Shur asher al-peney Mitsrayim boachah Ashurah al-peney chol-echav nafal.


  See Genesis 2:11, 10:7, 10:29. Saul also pursued the Amelikes between Shur and Havilah; 1 Samuel 15:7. Others interpret this expression as Havilah-by-Shur to distinguish from other places known as Havilah.

  See note on Genesis 25:18, 'Havilah'; Genesis 16:7, 20:1.

  All the way to the north; see Genesis 2:14, 10:11. Some associate this with Asshurim mentioned in Genesis 25:3.

They overran...
  (Cf. Rashi; Hirsch). See Genesis 16:12. This would mean that the Ishmaelite Arabs would take over the territory of Abraham's other sons, dominating the entire Middle East. Literally, 'on the face of all his brethren he fell.' Others interpret it, 'He traveled among all his brothers' as a nomad (Ibn Ezra). Another interpretation is, 'He died in the presence of all his brethren' (Ibn Ezra). See note on Genesis 37:28.

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