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25:27 The boys grew up. Esau became a skilled trapper, a man of the field. Jacob was a scholarly man who remained with the tents.
Vayigdelu hane'arim vayehi Esav ish yodea tsa'id ish sadeh veYa'akov ish tam yoshev ohalim.
25:28 Isaac enjoyed eating Esau's game and favored him, but Rebecca favored Jacob.
Vaye'ehav Yitschak et-Esav ki-tsa'id befiv veRivkah ohevet et-Ya'akov.
25:29 Jacob was once simmering a stew, when Esau came home exhausted from the field.
Vayazed Ya'akov nazid vayavo Esav min-hasadeh vehu ayef.


  (cf. Rashi; Targum Yonathan; Saadia). Tam. in Hebrew, also meaning simple, plain, quiet, perfect (Targum), or simple-minded (Hirsch). See note on Genesis 6:9.

Isaac....favored him
  Isaac saw that Esau was careful to honor his parents, and could therefore be trusted to keep the tradition from previous generations (see note on Genesis 27:4). Others interpret this sentence, 'Isaac loved Esau because he was a trapper with his mouth,' that is, a smooth talker (Tanchuma 8; Rashi; Hirsch).

Rebecca favored Jacob
  See note on Genesis 25:23.

  According to tradition, this was the consolation meal prepared after Abraham's death (Targum Yonathan; Bava Bathra 16b). See Yov'loth 24:3.

Esau came...
  There is a tradition that he had just killed Nimrod (Genesis 10:8. See Baaley Tosafoth. Also see Rashi, Pesachim 54b s.v. Bigdo).

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