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26:33 [Isaac] named the well Shibah. The city is therefore called Beer-sheba to this very day.
Vayikra otah Shiv'ah al-ken shem ha'ir Be'er Sheva ad hayom hazeh.
26:34 When Esau was forty years old, he married Judith daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath daughter of Elon the Hittite.
Vayehi Esav ben-arba'im shanah vayikach ishah et-Yehudit bat-Be'eri haChiti ve'et-Bosemat bat-Eylon haChiti.


  Shivah in Hebrew. This is the masculine for seven, while Sheba (sheva) is the feminine. See note on Genesis 21:31. Some say that this was the well that Abraham dug in Beer-sheba (Genesis 21:25), which had been plugged up by the Philistines (Ramban), while others maintain that it was a new well (Rashbam).

  Abraham had given the name only to the well or the district (see Genesis 21:14), while Isaac gave it to the city that subsequently sprung up in the area (Radak). Moreover, Isaac's designation became the place's permanent name (Rabbi Menasheh ben Yisroel, Conciliator 48).

forty years old
  Emulating his father Isaac (Genesis 25:20; Bereshith Rabbah 65; Rashi).

  Yehudith in Hebrew, a name that subsequently became popular among Jews. Some say that Esau did not have any children by this Judith. Others identify her with Oholibamah in Genesis 36:2, (see Rashi ad loc.; Josephus, Antiquities 1:18:4).

  The name is also found in Hosea 1:1.

  See Genesis 10:15, 15:20, 23:5.

  Some say that she was the Adah bath Elon in Genesis 36:2 (Ibn Ezra here, Rashi on Genesis 36:2. Also see Genesis 36:10, 13, 17). Some say that Esau's wives were from the land of Seir (Sefer HaYashar, p.73). The fathers of Esau's wives were great lords among the Canaanites (Radak; Josephus).

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