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  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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27:9 Go to the sheep and take two choice young kids. I will prepare them with a tasty recipe, just the way your father likes them.
Lech-na el-hatson vekach-li misham shney gedayey izim tovim ve'e'eseh otam mat'amim le'avicha ka'asher ahev.
27:10 You must then bring it to your father, so that he will eat it and bless you before he dies.'
Veheveta le'avicha ve'achal ba'avur asher yevarechecha lifney moto.
27:11 'But my brother Esau is hairy,' replied Jacob. 'I am smooth-skinned.
Vayomer Ya'akov el-Rivkah imo hen Esav achi ish sa'ir ve'anochi ish chalak.
27:12 Suppose my father touches me. He will realize that I am an impostor! I will gain a curse rather than a blessing!'
Ulay yemusheni avi vehayiti ve'eynav kimtate'a veheveti alay klalah velo verachah.


You must then bring...
  Rebecca was aware that the blessing was rightfully Jacob's (see note on Genesis 27:4). Without this ruse, however, it might have been impossible for Jacob to obtain it.

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