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28:8 Esau understood that the Canaanite girls were displeasing to his father Isaac.
Vayar Esav ki ra'ot benot Kena'an be'eyney Yitschak aviv.
28:9 Esau therefore went to Ishmael and married Machlath daughter of Abraham's son Ishmael, a sister of Nebayoth, in addition to his other wives.
Vayelech Esav el-Yishma'el vayikach et-Machalat bat-Yishma'el ben-Avraham achot Nevayot al-nashav lo le'ishah.


  Not mentioned again. Some say that she is the Basemath mentioned in Genesis 36:3 (Yerushalmi, Bikkurim 3:3; cf. Josephus, Antiquities 1:18:8).

sister of Nebayoth
  See Genesis 25:13. Some say that Nebayoth is mentioned because Ishmael had more than one wife (Ibn Ezra). There is a tradition that Ishmael died at this point, and Nebayoth gave his sister to Esau (Megillah 14a; Rashi).

in addition to...
  See Genesis 26:34.

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