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 33:16  33:17
33:15 'Let me put some of my people at your disposal,' said Esau.

'What for?' replied Jacob. 'Just let me remain on friendly terms with you.'
Vayomer Esav atsigah-na imcha min-ha'am asher iti vayomer lamah zeh emtsa-chen be'eyney adoni.

33:16 On that day, Esau returned along the way to Seir.
Vayashav bayom hahu Esav ledarko Se'irah.
33:17 Jacob went to Sukkoth. There, he built himself a house, and made shelters for his livestock. He therefore named the place Sukkoth (Shelters).
VeYa'akov nasa Sukotah vayiven lo bayit ulemiknehu asah sukot al-ken kara shem-hamakom Sukot.


  A locality on the East Bank of the Jordan, cf. Joshua 13:27, Judges 8:4,5. It is associated with Shechem; Psalms 60:8, 108:8. It is thought to be Tel Deir Alla on the Jabbok River, 2.5 miles east of the Jordan.

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