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Genesis VaYera
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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18:5 I will get a morsel of bread for you to refresh yourselves. Then you can continue on your way. After all, you are passing by my house.'
Ve'ekchah fat-lechem vesa'adu libechem achar ta'avoru ki-al-ken avartem al-avdechem vayomeru ken ta'aseh ka'asher dibarta.
18:6 Abraham rushed to Sarah's tent and said, 'Hurry! Three measures of the finest flour! Knead it and make rolls.'
Vayemaher Avraham ha'ohelah el-Sarah vayomer mahari shlosh se'im kemach solet lushi va'asi ugot.


After all
  Literally, 'because therefore.' See Genesis 19:8, 33:10. Others have, 'Because it is for this reason that you have passed by your servant' (cf. Ramban).

  Se'im in Hebrew, plural of sa'ah, a measure equivalent to 7.3 litres or 7.7 quarts. The three sa'ahs that she took were therefore equivalent to around 30 cups or 8 pounds of flour.

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