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18:7 Abraham ran to the cattle, and chose a tender, choice calf. He gave it to a young man who rushed to prepare it.
Ve'el-habakar rats Avraham vayikach ben-bakar rach vatov vayiten el-hana'ar vayemaher la'asot oto.
18:8 [Abraham] fetched some cottage cheese and milk, and the calf that he prepared, and he placed it before [his guests]. He stood over them as they ate under the tree.
Vayikach chem'ah vechalav uven-habakar asher asah vayiten lifneyhem ve-hu omed aleyhem tachat ha'ets vayochelu.


cottage cheese
  Chemah in Hebrew, usually translated as curd. It is something that can be eaten alone; see Isaiah 7:15, 7:22; cf. Proverbs 30:33. Others interpret it to denote a kind of leben or yoghurt. According to Rashi, the word chemah denotes cream. (cf. Targum and Judges 5:25). The Septuagint, on the other hand, translates it as butter. Indeed, in Middle Eastern lands, it was the custom to eat butter alone.

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