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19:3 [Lot] kept urging them until they finally turned aside to him and came to his house. He made a feast for them and baked matzah, and they ate.
Vayiftsar-bam me'od vayasuru elav vayavo'u el-beyto vaya'as lahem mishteh umatsot afah vayochelu.
19:4 They had not yet gone to bed when the townspeople, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house - young and old alike - all the people from every quarter.
Terem yishkavu ve'anshey ha'ir anshey Sdom nasabu al-habayit mina'ar ve'ad-zaken kol-ha'am mikatseh.


  Unleavened bread. This was something that could be baked in a few minutes. It is from here, however, that there is a tradition that this episode occurred on Passover (Rashi. See note on Genesis 17:23).

all the people
  There were no innocent ones (Rashbam).

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