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Genesis Chayey Sarah
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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Chayey Sarah

23:6 'Listen to us, Sir. You are a prince of God in our midst. Take our best burial site to bury your dead. No one among us will deny you his burial site to bury your dead.'
Shma'enu adoni nesi Elohim atah betochenu bemivechar kevareynu kevor et-metecha ish mimenu et-kivero lo-yichleh mimecha mikevor metcha.
23:7 Abraham rose, and he bowed down to the local people, the children of Heth.
Vayakom Avraham vayishtachu le'am-ha'arets livney-Chet.


burial site
  Or grave, tomb, or cemetery.

local people
  Literally, 'the people of the land.'

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