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Genesis Chayey Sarah
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  Chayey Sarah
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Chayey Sarah

23:8 He spoke to them and said, 'If you really want to help me bury my dead and [put her out of] my presence, listen to me, and speak up for me to Ephron son of Tzohar.
Vayedaber itam lemor im-yesh et-nafshechem likbor et-meti milfanay shma'uni ufig'u-li be'Efron ben-Tsohar.
23:9 Let him sell me the Makhpelah Cave, which belongs to him, at the edge of his field. Let him sell it to me in your presence for its full price, as a burial property.'
Veyiten-li et-me'arat haMachpelah asher-lo asher biktseh sadehu bechesef male yitnenah li betochechem la'achuzat kaver.


  Significantly, there is a Mount Ephron some 6 miles northwest of Jerusalem (Joshua 15:9, 2 Chronicles 13:19).

Makhpelah Cave
  Literally, 'Doubler Cave.' It was so named because it had two levels (Targum; Eruvin 53a; Rashi). The name also applied to the entire area; Genesis 23:17,19. According to tradition, Adam and Eve had been buried there (Yerushalmi, Taanith 4:2). It can still be visited today.

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