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25:21 His wife was sterile, and Isaac pleaded with God for her sake. God granted his plea, and Rebecca became pregnant.
Vaye'etar Yitschak l'Adonay lenochach ishto ki akarah hi vaye'ater lo Adonay vatahar Rivkah ishto.
25:22 But the children clashed inside her, and when this occurred, she asked, 'Why is this happening to me?' She went to seek a message from God.
Vayitrotsatsu habanim bekirbah vatomer im-ken lamah zeh anochi vatelech lidrosh et-Adonay.


when this occurred
  (Hirsch). Otherwise, the expression here is very ambiguous: 'If so, why am I thus?' Some interpret it; 'If this is the way it must be, why go on?' (Ramban; cf. Bereshith Rabbah 63). Other interpretations are, 'If [there is such pain], why did we pray for children?' (Rashi); 'Why am I having such an unusual pregnancy?' (Ibn Ezra; Radak); or, 'If I am upright, why is this happening?' (HaKethav VeHaKabbalah).

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