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  Chayey Sarah
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26:15 They plugged up all the wells that his father's servants had dug while Abraham was still alive, and they filled them with earth.
Vechol-habe'erot asher chafru avdey aviv bimey Avraham aviv sitmum Plishtim vayemale'um afar.
26:16 Abimelekh said to Isaac, 'Go away from us. You have become much more powerful than we are.'
Vayomer Avimelech el-Yitschak lech me'imanu ki-atsamta mimenu me'od.
26:17 Isaac left the area and camped in the Gerar Valley, intending to settle there.
Vayelech misham Yitschak vayichan beNachal-Grar vayeshev sham.


Gerar Valley
  Or Gerar Wadi (Saadia). A wadi is a stream or river that flows primarily during the rainy season. There is such a wadi connecting Gerar and Beer-sheba, flowing to the south. See note on Genesis 20:1.

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