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26:18 He redug the wells that had been dug in the days of his father Abraham, which had been plugged up by the Philistines after Abraham's death. He gave them the same names that his father had given them.
Vayashov Yitschak vayachpor et-be'erot hamayim asher chafru bimey Avraham aviv vayesatmum Plishtim acharey mot Avraham vayikra lahen shemot kashemot asher-kara lahen aviv.
26:19 Isaac's servants then dug in the valley, and found a new well, brimming over with fresh water.
Vayachperu avdey-Yitschak banachal vayimtse'u-sham be'er mayim chayim.
26:20 The shepherds of Gerar disputed with Isaac's shepherds, claiming that the water was theirs. [Isaac] named the well Challenge (Esek), because they had challenged him.
Vayarivu ro'ey Gerar im-ro'ey Yitschak lemor lanu hamayim vayikra shem-habe'er Esek ki hit'aseku imo.

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