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26:9 Abimelekh summoned Isaac. 'But she is your wife!' he said. 'How could you have said that she is your sister?'

'I was afraid that I would die because of her,' replied Isaac.
Vayikra Avimelech le-Yitschak vayomer ach hineh ishtecha hi ve'eych amarta achoti hi vayomer elav Yitschak ki amarti pen-amut aleyha.

26:10 'What have you done to us?' demanded Abimelekh. 'One of the people could easily have slept with your wife! You would have made us commit a terrible crime!'
Vayomer Avimelech mah-zot asita lanu kime'at shachav achad ha'am et-ishtecha veheveta aleynu asham.

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