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27:23 He did not realize who it was because there was hair on [Jacob's] arms, just like those of his brother Esau. [Isaac] was about to bless him.
Velo hikiro ki-hayu yadav kidey Esav achiv se'irot vayevarechehu.
27:24 'But are you really my son Esau?'

'I am.'
Vayomer atah zeh beni Esav vayomer ani.

27:25 'Then serve me [the food]. I will eat the game that my son trapped, so that my soul may bless you.'

[Jacob] served it, and [Isaac] ate. He then brought [Isaac] some wine, and he drank it.
Vayomer hagishah li ve'ochlah mitse'id beni lema'an tevarechecha nafshi vayagesh-lo vayochal vayave-lo yayin vayesht.

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