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27:46 Rebecca said to Isaac, 'I am disgusted with life because of those Hittite women. If Jacob marries such a Hittite girl, from the daughters of this land, why should I go on living?'
Vatomer Rivkah el-Yitschak katsti vechayay mipeney benot Chet im-lokeach Ya'akov ishah mibnot Chet ka'eleh mibenot ha'arets lamah li chayim.
28:1 Isaac summoned Jacob and gave him a blessing and a charge. 'Do not marry a Canaanite girl,' he said.
Vayikra Yitschak el-Ya'akov vayevarech oto vayetsavehu vayomer lo lo-tikach ishah mibenot Kena'an.
28:2 'Set out and go to Padan Aram, to the house of your maternal grandfather Bethuel. Marry a daughter of your uncle Laban.
Kum lech Padenah Aram beytah Vetu'el avi imecha vekach-lecha misham ishah mibenot Lavan achi imecha.


Hittite women
  See Genesis 26:34.

Do not marry...
  See Genesis 24:3.

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