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Genesis VaYetse
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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29:10 Jacob looked at his cousin Rachel who was with his uncle Laban's sheep. He stepped forward, and rolled the stone from the top of the well, watering his uncle Laban's sheep.
Vayehi ka'asher ra'ah Ya'akov et-Rachel bat-Lavan achi imo ve'et tson Lavan achi imo vayigash Ya'akov vayagel et-ha'even me'al pi habe'er vayashk et-tson Lavan achi imo.
29:11 Jacob kissed Rachel and wept aloud.
Vayishak Ya'akov le-Rachel vayisa et-kolo vayevk.
29:12 He told her that he was Rebecca's son, and thus related to her father. She ran to tell her father.
Vayaged Ya'akov le-Rachel ki achi aviha hu vechi ven-Rivkah hu vatarots vataged le'aviha.

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