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Genesis VaYetse
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30:16 When Jacob came home from the field that evening, Leah went out to meet him. 'You will come to me,' she said. 'I have paid for your services with my son's mandrakes.' He slept with her that night.
Vayavo Ya'akov min-hasadeh ba'erev vatetse Leah likrato vatomer elay tavo ki sachor secharticha beduda'ey beni vayishkav imah balaylah hu.
30:17 God heard Leah's [prayer], and she became pregnant, giving birth to a fifth son to Jacob.
Vayishma Elohim el-Leah vatahar vateled le-Ya'akov ben-chamishi.
30:18 Leah said, 'God has given me my reward (sakhar) because I have given my handmaid to my husband.' She named the child Issachar.
Vatomer Leah natan Elohim sechari asher-natati shifchati le'ishi vatikra shmo Yisashchar.


  Yissakhar in Hebrew. The name can be interpreted as yesh sekhar - 'there is reward' (Radak). The name also alludes to Leah's paying for Jacob's services (Genesis 30:16).

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