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32:32 The sun rose and was shining on him as he left Penuel. He was limping because of his thigh.
Vayizrach-lo hashemesh ka'asher avar et-Penu'el vehu tsolea al-yerecho.
32:33 The Israelites therefore do not eat the displaced nerve on the hip joint to this very day. This is because [the stranger] touched Jacob's thigh on the displaced nerve.
Al-ken lo-yochlu veney-Yisra'el et-gid hanasheh asher al-kaf hayarech ad hayom hazeh ki naga bechaf-yerech Ya'akov begid hanasheh.


  Although Jacob named it Peniel, it was later known as Penuel; see 1 Kings 12:25. It is near Sukkoth; Genesis 33:16, Judges 8:8. It is usually identified with Tulul edh dhahab, on the south bank of the Jabbok, near the bend, about 10 miles east of the Jordan. However, from the context here, it seems that Peniel was on the north bank of the Jabbok, where another ancient mount (tel) is found. It may be that Jacob named the northern area Peniel, and then left the southern area, which was later known as Penuel. This is some 15 miles south of Machanaim (see note on Genesis 32:3).

  Literally, 'children of Israel.' This is the first time that this expression is used.

displaced nerve
  Gid ha-nasheh in Hebrew. This is the sciatic nerve, the large main nerve of the lower extremity, running down the back of the leg. Therefore, before the hindquarter of any animal can be eaten, this nerve, with all its branches, must be carefully removed. Since it is very difficult to do this, hindquarters are usually not eaten by Jews. The nerve touched by the angel is seen as the place where evil has strong influence (Zohar).

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