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Genesis VaYishlach
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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33:10 'Please! No!' said Jacob. 'If I have gained favor with you, please accept this gift from me. After all, seeing your face is like seeing the face of the Divine, you have received me so favorably.
Vayomer Ya'akov al-na im-na matsati chen be'eyneycha velakachta minchati miyadi ki al-ken ra'iti faneycha kir'ot peney Elohim vatirtseni.
33:11 Please accept my welcoming gift as it has been brought to you. God has been kind to me, and I have all [I need].' [Jacob thus] urged him, and [Esau finally] took it.
Kach-na et-birchati asher huvat lach ki-chanani Elohim vechi yesh-li-chol vayiftsar-bo vayikach.
33:12 'Let's get going and move on,' said [Esau]. 'I will travel alongside you.'
Vayomer nis'ah venelechah ve'elchah lenegdecha.


After all
  See note on Genesis 18:5.

face of the Divine
  See Genesis 32:31 (Bereshith Rabbah 77).

welcoming gift
  Literally, 'blessing.' But in Hebrew, 'welcome' is 'blessed is he who comes' (cf. Rashi).

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