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Genesis VaYishlach
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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 34:6  34:7
34:6 Meanwhile, Shechem's father, Chamor, came to Jacob to speak with him.
Vayetse Chamor avi Shchem el-Ya'akov ledaber ito.
34:7 Jacob's sons returned from the field. When they heard what had happened, the men were shocked and they seethed with anger. [Shechem] had committed an outrage against Israel, sleeping with a daughter of Jacob! Such an act could not be tolerated!
Uveney Ya'akov ba'u min-hasadeh keshom'am vayit'atsvu ha'anashim vayichar lahem me'od ki nevalah asah beYisra'el lishkav et-bat-Ya'akov vechen lo ye'aseh.
34:8 Chamor tried to reason with them. 'My son Shechem is deeply in love with your daughter,' he said. 'If you would, let him marry her.
Vayedaber Chamor itam lemor Shchem beni chaskah nafsho bevitchem tenu na otah lo le'ishah.

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