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35:7 He built an altar there, and he named the place Beth El's God (El Beth El), since this was the place where God was revealed to him when he was fleeing from his brother.
Vayiven sham mizbe'ach vayikra lamakom El Beyt-El ki sham niglu elav ha'Elohim bevorecho mipeney achiv.
35:8 Rebecca's nurse Deborah died, and she was buried in the valley of Beth El, under the oak. It was named Weeping Oak (Alon Bakhuth).
Vatamot Dvorah meyneket Rivkah vatikaver mitachat leVeyt-El tachat ha'alon vayikra shmo Alon Bachut.
35:9 Now that Jacob had returned from Padan Aram, God appeared to him again and blessed him.
Vayera Elohim el-Ya'akov od bevo'o miPadan Aram vayevarech oto.


  See Genesis 24:59. This was a name that would later become famous through a prophetess by the same name (Judges 4:4). Some say that Rebecca had sent Deborah to inform Jacob that it was safe to return home (Rashi; Lekach Tov; Sefer HaYashar p. 79. See note on Genesis 30:25). According to others, Jacob had stopped at his parents' home and had picked up Deborah (Yov'loth 31:30).

  Alon in Hebrew. (see Targum Yonathan). There is a difference between an eleh (terebinth) and an alon (cf. Isaiah 6:13). Others translate alon here as 'plain' (Onkelos; Rashi). Benjamin of Toledo identifies the Valley of Alon with Val de Luna, 5 miles from Mount Gilboa (Massoth Binyamin 8).

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