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 36:36  36:37
36:37 Samlah died, and he was succeeded as king by Saul from Rechovoth-on-the-River (Rechovoth HaNahar).
Vayamot Samlah vayimloch tachtav Sha'ul meRchovot haNahar.
36:38 Saul died, and he was succeeded as king by Baal Chanan son of Akhbor.
Vayamot Sha'ul vayimloch tachtav Ba'al Chanan ben-Achbor.


  Sha'ul in Hebrew, like the Israelite King Saul. He reigned 40 years, from 2371 to 2411 (Sefer HaYashar, p. 188).

Rechovoth HaNahar
  The Targum renders it Rechovoth on the Euphrates, following the tradition that this was the home town of the king, not a city in Edom. It may be associated with Rechovoth Ir (Genesis 10:11). Other sources translate it as 'Avenues on the River' (Targum on 1 Chronicles 1:48). It is also identified with Pethorah (Balaam's city; Numbers 22:5, Deuteronomy 23:5; Sefer HaYashar, p.188). According to those who maintain that the cities are in Edom, the 'river' here would probably be the Zered Brook which formed the northern boundary of Edom.

Baal Chanan
  He reigned 38 years, from 2411 to 2449 (Sefer HaYashar, pp. 188, 196). According to this, he was king at the time of the Exodus in 2448. From the Sefer HaYashar (p. 203), however, it seems that he died before the Exodus. Therefore, some sources amend the reading and state that he reigned 35 years, from 2411 to 2446 (note on Seder HaDoroth 2444; see note on Genesis 36:39). The name Baal Chanan may be interpreted to mean 'Baal is merciful' (the same as Hannibal cf. Sekhel Tov). Others say that Chanan was his city, and the name means 'Master of Chanan' (Ramban; Tur).

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