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36:7 This was because they had too much property to be able to live together. Because of all their livestock, the land where they were staying could not support them.
Ki-hayah rechusham rav mishevet yachdav velo yachlah erets megureyhem laset otam mipeney mikneyhem.
36:8 Esau therefore settled in the hill country of Seir. There Esau became [the nation of] Edom.
Vayeshev Esav beHar Se'ir Esav hu Edom.
36:9 These are the chronicles of Esau, the ancestor of Edom, in the hill country of Seir:
Ve'eleh toldot Esav avi Edom beHar Se'ir.


too much property...
  See Genesis 13:6.

settled in...
  See note on Genesis 32:4. Although Esau may have lived in Seir earlier, he could have now inherited the Hebron area, but he chose to settle in Seir (cf. Josephus 2:1:1). Other sources speak of a war between Esau and Jacob (Sefer HaYashar, Yov'loth 38:10).

There Esau...
  Cf. Josephus 2:1:1.

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