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37:17 'They already left this area,' said the man. 'I heard them planning to go to Dothan.'

Joseph went after his brothers and found them in Dothan.
Vayomer ha'ish nas'u mizeh ki shamati omrim nelchah Dotaynah vayelech Yosef achar echav vayimtsa'em beDotan.

37:18 They saw him in the distance, and before he reached them, they were plotting to kill him.
Vayir'u oto merachok uveterem yikrav aleyhem vayitnaklu oto lahamito.
37:19 'Here comes the dreamer!' they said to one another.
Vayomru ish el-achiv hineh ba'al-hachalomot halazeh ba.


  Tell Dothna, a city some 15 miles north of Shechem. It later became part of the territory of Joseph (Manasseh); see 2 Kings 6:13.

to one another
  According to Talmudic tradition, the main plotters were Simeon and Levi (Targum Yonathan). See Genesis 49:6. It is for this reason that, of the older brothers, only Reuben and Judah spoke up to spare Joseph. According to other sources, Simeon, Dan and Gad were the main plotters (Tzava'ath Zebulun 2:1).

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