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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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38:14 She took off her widow's garb, and covered herself with a veil. Thus disguised, she sat at the entrance of Twin Wells (Eynayim) on the road to Timna. She had seen that Shelah had grown, and she had not been given to him as a wife.
Vatasar bigdey almenutah me'aleyha vatechas batsa'if vatit'alaf vateshev befetach Eynayim asher al-derech Timnatah ki ra'atah ki-gadal Shelah vehi lo-nitnah lo le'ishah.
38:15 Judah saw her, and because she had covered her face, he assumed that she was a prostitute.
Vayir'eha Yehudah vayachsheveha lezonah ki chistah paneyha.


  Twin Wells or Twin Springs or Eyes. Some identify Eynayim with Enam in Joshua 15:34. See Genesis 38:21, where it is also referred to as Eynayim. Others say that it denotes two wells with a gate between them (Ibn Ezra), or a fork in the road by a well (Rashi). Others interpret it as 'open eyes,' and state that it denotes an open, visible place (Rashbam; Radak; cf. Targum; Lekach Tov; Sekhel Tov).

covered her face
  It was the custom for sacred prostitutes to cover their faces (Ramban; Bachya). Ancient sources describe this as being like a wreath of string covering the head and face (Herodotus 1:199).

  See note on Genesis 38:21.

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