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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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39:19 When her husband heard his wife's story and her description of the incident, he became furious.
Vayehi chishmo adonav et-divrey ishto asher dibrah elav lemor kadevarim ha'eleh asah li avdecha vayichar apo.
39:20 Joseph's master had him arrested, and placed him in the dungeon where the king's prisoners were kept. He was to remain in that dungeon.
Vayikach adoney Yosef oto vayitnehu el-beyt hasohar mekom asher-asirey hamelech asurim vayehi-sham beveyt hasohar.
39:21 God was with Joseph, and He showed him kindness, making him find favor with the warden of the dungeon.
Vayehi Adonay et-Yosef vayet elav chased vayiten chino be'eyney sar beyt-hasohar.

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