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4:2 She gave birth again, this time to his brother Abel. Abel became a shepherd, while Cain was a worker of the soil.
Vatosef laledet et-achiv et-Havel vayehi-Hevel ro'eh tson veKayin hayah oved adamah.
4:3 An era ended. Cain brought some of his crops as an offering to God.
Vayehi mikets yamim vayave Kayin miperi ha'adamah minchah l'Adonay.


  Hevel in Hebrew, literally a breath or vanity. He was called this because he never lived to have children (Midrash HaGadol; cf. Ramban).

An era ended
  Literally, 'It was the end of days.' It is significant that this same expression is used to denote the Messianic era, when the present era will end. It possibly refers to the expulsion from Eden, whereupon a new era began, see note on Genesis 4:1. Most sources render this, 'in the course of time.'

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