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41:55 Eventually, however, all of Egypt also began to feel the famine, and the people cried out to Pharaoh for bread. Pharaoh announced to all Egypt, 'Go to Joseph. Do whatever he tells you.'
Vatir'av kol erets Mitsrayim vayits'ak ha'am el-Par'oh lalachem vayomer Par'oh lechol-Mitsrayim lechu el-Yosef asher-yomar lachem ta'asu.
41:56 The famine spread over the entire area. Joseph opened all the storehouses, and he rationed supplies to Egypt. But the famine was growing worse in Egypt.
Vehara'av hayah al kol-peney ha'arets vayiftach Yosef et-kol-asher bahem vayishbor le-Mitsrayim vayechezak hara'av be'erets Mitsrayim.

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