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43:18 When the men [realized that] they were being brought to Joseph's palace, they were terrified. They said, 'We are being brought here because of the money that was put back in our packs the last time. We will be framed and convicted. Our donkeys can be confiscated, and we can even be taken as slaves.'
Vayir'u ha'anashim ki huve'u beyt Yosef vayomeru al-devar hakesef hashav be'amtechoteynu batchilah anachnu muva'im lehitgolel aleynu ulehitnapel aleynu velakachat otanu la'avadim ve'et-chamoreynu.
43:19 When they were at the door of Joseph's palace, they went over to the overseer and spoke to him.
Vayigshu el-ha'ish asher al-beyt Yosef vayedabru elav petach habayit.


  From context. Literally, 'take us for slaves along with our donkeys.' They might have been as concerned for their animals as themselves (cf. Moreh Nevukhim 3:40), since even if they could escape, without animals to transport the grain, their families would die of starvation (Ramban; MeAm Lo'ez/The Torah Anthology 3:412.)

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