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44:26 we replied, 'We cannot go. We can go only if our youngest brother is with us. If he is not with us, we cannot even see the man [in charge].'
Vanomer lo nuchal laredet im-yesh achinu hakaton itanu veyaradnu ki-lo nuchal lir'ot pney ha'ish ve'achinu hakaton eynenu itanu.
44:27 'Your servant our father said, 'You know that my wife [Rachel] bore me two sons.
Vayomer avdecha avi eleynu atem yedatem ki shnayim yaldah-li ishti.
44:28 One has already left me, and I assume that he was torn to pieces by wild animals. I have seen nothing of him until now.
Vayetse ha'echad me'iti va'omar ach tarof toraf velo re'itiv ad-henah.

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