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47:12 Joseph provided all the needs of his father, his brothers, and all his father's family, down to the very youngest.
Vayechalkel Yosef et-aviv ve'et-echav ve'et kol-beyt aviv lechem lefi hataf.
47:13 There was no bread in the entire area, since the famine was very severe. [The people of] Egypt and Canaan became weak with hunger.
Velechem eyn bechol-ha'arets ki-chaved hara'av me'od vatelah erets Mitsrayim ve'erets Kena'an mipeney hara'av.


down to the very youngest
  Literally, 'bread according to the children' (cf. Rashi; Radak).

Egypt and Canaan
  Here we see the extent of the famine. This would be highly unusual, since crops in Canaan depended on rain, while those in Egypt depended on the Nile, which was fed by precipitation in central Africa, an entirely different weather system.

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