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Genesis VaYechi
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48:15 [Jacob] gave Joseph a blessing. He said, 'The God before whom my fathers, Abraham and Isaac, walked, is the God who has been my Shepherd from as far back as I can remember until this day,
Vayevarech et-Yosef vayomar ha'Elohim asher hithalechu avotay lefanav Avraham veYitschak ha'Elohim haRo'eh oti me'odi ad-hayom hazeh.
48:16 [sending] an angel to deliver me from all evil. May He bless the lads, and let them carry my name, along with the names of my fathers, Abraham and Isaac. May they increase in the land like fish.'
Hamal'ach hago'el oti mikol-ra yevarech et-hane'arim veyikare vahem shemi veshem avotay Avraham veYitschak veyidgu larov bekerev ha'arets.


sending an angel
  (Saadia Gaon; Shmuel ben Chofni Gaon). Or, 'The angel who delivered me...' (Rashi; Abarbanel). Some say that the 'Angel' denotes God's providence (Shmuel ben Chofni Gaon; Ralbag; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah).

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