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Genesis VaYechi
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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49:12 But his eyes are more sparkling than the wine, his teeth whiter than milk.
Chachlili eynayim miyayin ulven-shinayim mechalav.
49:13 'Zebulun shall settle the seashores; he will be a harbor for ships; his border shall reach Sidon.
Zevulun lechof yamim yishkon vehu lechof onyot veyarchato al-Tsidon.


his eyes are more sparkling...
  (Saadia Gaon; Sh'muel ben Chofni; Ibn Janach; Hirsch). Or, 'his eyes are red from wine' (Rashi; cf. Tzava'ath Yehudah 14); 'his face is redder than wine' (Radak; cf. Baaley Tosafoth); 'his mountains are red like (from) wine' (Targum; Rashi); 'his springs sparkle like (are red from) wine' (Rashi; Sekhel Tov).

his teeth...
  Or, 'his teeth white from milk' (Rashi); or 'His valleys are white [with sheep] with milk' (Targum; Rashi).

  The northwest boundary of the Holy Land; Genesis 10:19. Cf. Genesis 10:15. Also see Tzava'ath Zebulun 6.

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