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49:26 'May your father's blessing add to the blessing of my parents, lasting as long as the eternal hills. May they be for Joseph's head, for the brow of the elect of his brothers.
Birchot avicha gavru al-birchot horay ad-ta'avat giv'ot olam tihi'eynah lerosh Yosef ulekodekod nezir echav.


add to
  Or, 'be in addition to' (Targum; Rashi). Or, 'stronger than' (Sekhel Tov).

as long as...
  (Rashi). Or, 'until the heights of the eternal hills' (Ibn Ezra). More literally, 'desires' (Saadia; Bereshith Rabbah 98). Some interpret the phrase, 'as long as the eternal mountains exist' (Radak).

  More accurately, the top of the head, the place where an infant's head is soft (Radak, Sherashim). See Deuteronomy 28:35, 2 Samuel 14:25, Job 2:7. Cf. Targum.

  Cf. Deuteronomy 33:16. This can mean 'one set apart' (Targum; Rashi; Bereshith Rabbah 98); 'most consecrated' (Sforno); 'king' (Rashbam; Radak); or 'crown' (Ibn Ezra; Radak, Sherashim). The Hebrew word, nazir, here also denotes a Nazirite (Numbers 6:2), and some sources state that Joseph actually took a Nazirite vow (Bereshith Rabbah 98).

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